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Places that Inspire


it was here.
that i made the promise to myself.
that i would never waste another day of my life.
i hope.
that i am brave enough.
to follow through. 
Some inspiration + a photo we took on our last trip to the Grand Canyon. Places like this truly do have the power to inspire us to live our lives in a different way. They make us feel connected to the world around us and see that there is much more to life that the daily dramas and worries we have. 
Is that worry really THAT worrisome? Is the drama in your life really need to be THAT dramatic? It may may not
As for an update on our progress, things are coming along. Just slower than we'd like, but good things take time. Choosing the right dye process and wash for our tanks, tees and long sleeve shirts has been a bit of a learning curve. Originally we wanted to do what's called a Mineral Wash because it looks very artsy and reminds us of watercolors BUT we've learned that the process uses a lot of nasty chemical so that's out. Looking into a few other options as well as still creating artwork in the meantime =) 
Freedom Rise Clothing

Spring 2016


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