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The Hunt for Eco-Concious Fabric Continues


Taken in Yosemite National Park - Freedom Rise Clothing
  Photo taken in Yosemite National Park
There is an impact when creating anything new, but we felt we needed to make an effort to make that impact as small as possible. A large part of this is which fabrics we choose for our clothes. 
Despite having the internet, finding information on eco-concious fabrics is harder than we expected. We're finding there's a lot of information that has been extremely exaggerated or just completely false. What goes into the clothes we wear is pretty darn complicated!
Right now we've chosen one fabric for sure which is Tencel. This lyocell fabric is luxuriously soft (but still strong!) and is made from eucalyptus trees. More importantly than that, it's dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent (no harsh chemicals!) and 99% of the solvent is reused and recovered. This means less water and waste which is a huge issue in manufacturing. We'll be using this for our tanks, tees, crops and long sleeve shirts.
The problem is that a few of our speciality garments require a polyester fabric. We fell in love with a super soft polyester that is made completely from recycled materials. Only problem is that we made our sample leggings with it and they were completely see through - not okay! So we're on the hunt again for a eco-conscious polyester fabric! Apparently easier said that done. Wish us luck!
Freedom Rise Clothing
Spring 2016  

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