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Who We Are and What We Want to Become


Freedom Rise is a collection of nature-inspired free and flowy pieces. Drempt up in the Yosemite mountains and on the beaches of Big Sur California. 
We're for the dreamer, the beauty chaser, the child of the universe. For the city girl with a wild soul. 
We're striving to be eco-conscious. There is always an impact when creating something, but in this age, we feel we cannot move forward without making an effort to make that impact as small as possible. 
Freedom Rise is not really a brand or a line, it's more of a feeling, mood or vibe. The smell of trees, sound of rain, awe of the stars. It's that craving to connect with something larger than yourself, explore and experience the universe. 
We feel without regrets. 
We chase beauty, love and adventure. 
We are spirit. We are soul. We are earth. 
We are free. 
Freedom Rise 
Spring 2016 

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